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Welcome to Cottonwood Creek Black Boers

We sell Boer Goats in Texas

Home of 100% Full Blood  Solid Black Boer Goats,Red Boer Goats,Paint, Traditional, Dappled/Spotted Boer Goats, Full South African Boer Goats and Full CODI/PCI Boer Goats. All our boer goats are ABGA registered.

Our emphasis is on breeding quality show animals and breeding stock using some of the best genetics available from some of the most well known Ennobled Boer Goats including Kaptein, Tsjaka, Ubora, Lobola, MAUL Painted Warrior, Collateral Damage, Nasdaq,Aflac, Blue Chip,Freight Train, JLF Rambo, DER War Paint, Codi Red Man, Mr. Codi Black, Renoir, Eggs Ryals Magnum, Top Gun 2, Downen Big 85, Dow Pipeline, Mojo Magic, JRAI Bo Howdy,DCW Bo Jangle, RYAL'S Top Brass,Eggs Macy,DCS'S Freedom,,RRD Sassy Brass, DCW Lexus, Eggsfile, Eggstreme, Eggsorcist, Sasquatch and many others.
We have recently added the genetics of  Slam Dunk, RRD Gunsmoke, RRD R898 Cannon, CSB Hercules, EGGSPENSE ACCOUNT, EGGS R948, BBR Boss, TLB T333 "Ripper", Hilltop Jerry, JRA1 Agnew's TX Holdem Direct Hit, ABF Dottie, ABF M27 "Meatloaf", ABF Conchita, EGGS- Hilltop Pete-Tunia, ABF Lillie, Ginger Cain, RRD Remington, RRD MS M27, ABF Redspot, and H.M.R. Do Good,  All Ennobled.
Boer Goats For Sale: Rare Black Boer Goats with Ennobled Genetics For Sale, Rare Red South African Boer Goats For Sale Rare Black South African Boer Goats For Sale, Paint South African Boer Goats For Sale, Traditional South African Boer Goats For Sale.All our boer goats are 100% full blood registered and carry the South African & Codi/Pci genetics.

We concentrate on quality not quantity. Our boer goats carry some of the best bloodlines and genetics available, bred by some of the top boer goat breeders in the industry. We constantly strive to produce the best boer goats in the country. By adding new outstanding bloodlines and genetics to our breeding program we are now producing outstanding boer goats with the color,size,muscle mass, bone density, conformation and breed character that we want in our goats.



We have very strict guidelines that each of our boer goats must meet. We weigh each kid at birth and they must show sufficient weight gain at weaning along with proper teat structure, bites, horn set and conformation or they are culled. We also cull the breeding does that do not produce proper kids that meet our specifications. We do this in order to produce correct, sound, fast growing kids of show quality and sound breeding stock. We will not sell a boer goat that we would not use in our own breeding program.

We are currently trying to produce some of the best Black Boer Goats, Rare Red South African Boer Goats , CODI/PCI Boer Goats and Dappleed/Spotted Boer Goats in the United States.

Here at Cottonwood Creek Farm Black Boers we are always striving to improve the genetics of our Boer Goats.  We believe in quality not quantity.
We believe that by adding the South African Boer Goat and CODI/PCI Boer Goat genetics that we can improve the quality of the Black Boer Goats by producing Black Boer Goats with more size, mass, muscle and meat.

We sell Boer Goats in Texas. All our Boer Goats are Full Blood , Registered Boer Goats.We have quality Full Blood  Black Boer Goats, Red Boer Goats, Paint Boer Goats, CODI/PCI Boer Goats and South African Boer Goats.



We feel we are in the best place to Sell Boer Goats in Texas. We are located in North Central Texas, just 60mi. N.W. of Dallas and 37 mi. N.W. of FT. Worth and in close proximity to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in the breeding of our Boer Goats and invite you to come have a look at them. We are sure you will be pleased with what you see. If you are looking for quality boer goats for breeding or show we are sure you will find what you are looking for at Cottonwood Creek.

Thank you for visiting our website.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.



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Cottonwood Creek Farm

Rubye Rollins
399 CR 2535
Decatur, TX 76234

940-210-8255  - cell

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